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About me...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site. This section is always the hardest for me to fill out because, like most people, I'm hopeless at talking about myself. Chances are however, you've stopped by my site because you've heard about or maybe even read one of my books. Firstly, THANK YOU! I write closed door, adult rom-coms with heart. My debut novel, The Girl in the Sunflower Dress is the exception to that, with it being targeted towards the upper YA market and fitting more into the contemporary romance space. 

As a busy teacher and mum, I write at nights or whenever I get a small break from raising three wonderful human beings (four if you count my husband...and some days, I do!). I love to go to the cinemas and if you pop down a block of chocolate or warm banana bread in front of me, I promise you, I will have no self control.

Keep up to date with my writing and life on my Instagram page (the links are all over this website) and make sure you say hello. I love hearing from readers and book enthusiasts in general. If you have a burning question or would like me to come and talk at a school, please get in contact via my contacts page.

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